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"At some time in my 40’s I quit taking care of me. Sandwiched between my career as an educator, aging parents, and four college-age children, I gave up on ME! At age 60, I thought there was NO way to ever feel fit again UNTIL I found Nannette and Pilates. Pilates has made me feel not only physically strong, but also mentally and emotionally strong. Pilates addresses it all—mind, body and soul!"

- Ginger Weber

"I have been going to Esprit Pilates with Nannette Crystal for 4 years now and she provides highly skilled and compassionate instruction for individuals. I have had two knee replacements and she structures my workouts as a form of movement therapy. She is simply the best!"

- Mary Lou Beach

"I often think," How did I get so lucky as to find a pilates instructor like Nannette." I have a neck and shoulder injury that is about 10 years old. Before starting private classes with Nannette I could not lift my hand over my head. Now I have full range of motion and can wear a sleeveless shirt without a second thought because my arms are in such great shape. Nannette takes the time to plan and cater every class specifically for me. I feel like I am in my 20's again, my body has totally responded to her pilates classes. I completely trust Nannette and plan on staying a faithful client for years to come."

- Daphne Lamendola  | Age 38, Feeling 25.

"I was introduced to Pilates by Nannette two years ago. Since that time I have regained full use of my ankles and feet, which were swollen and tender, making it difficult to walk without pain. In addition, my range of motion was becoming increasingly limited and has improved greatly.

Never a “gym person “, I tried Pilates as a last-ditch effort to preserve my mobility. Thank goodness for Nannette! With her background in physical therapy, she incorporates her knowledge into client-specific sessions which are carefully planned to achieve each client’s goals.

Nannette is a true professional, not only in her teaching methods, but also in her business acumen. I look forward to each session. Nannette is a fun, optimistic person who has restored my ability to enjoy the activities I love and to help me to age gracefully."

- Regina Shoriak

"I started working with Nannette about two years ago based on a recommendation from my sister-in-law and it’s the best health decision I ever made! I have scoliosis and at 55 could feel the effects of my body starting to twist. Nannette met me where I was physically and broke down the Pilates exercises into segments I could accomplish and build on. Over time she has helped me to alter my posture, and improve my range of motion and balance. She not only guides you through the exercises, but also educates you so that you understand what your body is doing so you can self correct on a daily basis. Nannette’s individualized attention to my body mechanics has made a difference in my every day life!"

- Susan Mayeaux

"Nannette has been a wonderful Pilates instructor. She is very knowledgeable and her physical therapy background is a real benefit to helping address my individual issues and adjusting my posture. It has made such a difference in my life and how I feel and look, that I have even had friends inquire as to what I was doing differently! I give all of my credit to Nannette for this transformative change!"

- Keith Mayeaux

"In sessions with Nannette, I feel as though I am her only client that day. Her total focus is on my improvement. I leave with an accomplished feeling!"

-Terri Reeves

"Nannette is the "best of the best" as far as Pilates instructors go in our area. Her Pilates passion, knowledge and experience coupled with her peaceful presence make for a wonderful session every time. She understands the body and movement in a way that nurtures it each time I attend her class. I highly recommend her and the service she provides."

- DeEtte DeArmond

"I have been doing Pilates with Nannette for a year and a half and feel like I have definitely improved my posture and have learned to focus more on body mechanics. So many tight areas have opened. She is so knowledgeable and is a great teacher. Nannette is the best!"

- Simone Henry

"I knew nothing about Pilates and was nervous to start, but was put at ease with Nannette's patience and knowledge of movement. It was the best decision I ever made to take private lessons and classes with her. I have been with her almost 2 years and my body feels so much better and stronger; it craves movement now! She has taught me to listen to my 52 year old body!"

- Lena Roussel

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