LIVE zoom classes

Esprit Pilates offers live classes in Pilates Mat, Spine Corrector, and Fletcher Fusion™. This is a wonderful addition to your studio practice or as an alternative to being in the studio. Please refer to the calendar for monthly class schedule.

What you will need for a LIVE Zoom Class:
• Space to move
• A solid internet connection
• A web cam (or device with a camera, though phone NOT recommended)
• Props as needed for class choice (i.e., mat, towel, magic circle, foam roller, stretch strap, theraband, or Spine Corrector)



Pilates Mat is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on the core (trunk) muscles while training your arms and legs. The Fletcher Pilates approach will pay attention to alignment, flowing motion, and breath.


Spine Corrector

Spine Corrector Class uses the Clara Barrel to facilitate spinal mobility and core control in all ranges of motion and will leave your spine feeling lengthened and rejuvenated! This intermediate/advanced level class is not recommended for those who have not had prior lessons on the apparatus. (West Coast barrel and foam barrels can be used)


Fletcher Fusion™

Fletcher Fusion™ is a unique movement experience that incorporates Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Floorwork®, and Fletcher Barrework®. You'll breathe and get a full body workout!


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