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Nannette Crystal

Nannette’s love of dance and movement began at an early age in her native state Louisiana, motivating her to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Arizona in 1999. Nannette began studying the Ron Fletcher work in 2001, completed the Program of Study in 2004 and was recognized as a Qualified Teacher by Ron Fletcher. She taught at Body Works Studio in Tucson, Arizona from 2002-2009 and nationally and internationally with The Ron Fletcher Program of Study as a faculty member from 2004-present. She is a licensed physical therapist assistant who has worked in outpatient orthopedic clinics. Nannette opened Esprit Pilates LLC in 2017 and has enjoyed inspiring her clientele to reach their movement potential. Presently, Nannette resides in southern Louisiana along with her husband Gary and her four-legged kids, Vera, Roscoe, and Sophia. She enjoys running, cooking, and traveling. As a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and Fletcher Pilates® Qualified teacher, she is passionate about engaging clients and students in a life of health and wellness.

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