About Fletcher Pilates®

The international Pilates revolution owes much of its momentum to Ron Fletcher. A 20-year student and protégé of Joseph and Clara Pilates, Fletcher’s organic, movement-based approach to the original Pilates method has inspired generations of Pilates teachers and practitioners. As Fletcher Pilates® continues to grow in popularity, so too grows the demand in studios around the globe for Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teachers. Our licensed post-secondary school, the Fletcher Pilates® Program of study, satisfies this demand and ensures the consistency and continuity of the Fletcher Pilates® lineage.

Nannette Crystal had the honor and privilege to study with first generation Pilates teacher Ron Fletcher from 2001-2009. Nannette was licensed as a Qualified teacher by Ron in 2004. Since then, she has traveled nationally and internationally teaching students and teachers as part of Fletcher Pilates® Faculty. As the owner of Esprit Pilates, she keeps Ron's spirit alive and well in her Louisiana community!

To discover more information on Fletcher Pilates® and/or continuing education, please visit  www.fletcherpilates.com.

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